USA made products?


‘One Nation Under God,’ is being purchased from ‘We The People’ that uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Switching products to this patriotic

and healthy manufacturer is making

a huge impact.

We all know what happens when big box stores come to town. Small businesses are shut down. The rich and powerful are gaining more power during elections than ‘We The People.’  And by ‘We The People’ we are not talking about those who burn our nation’s flag, and loot and destroy small businesses.  We The People are those who are not in support of our government offices using media propaganda to sweep the truth under their rug of lies. Government, Media, Schools and Colleges are indoctrinating children and young adults into believing that a patriotic, moral and free nation is shameful and not worthy of celebration, or its continuance.    They are out to destroy the next generations’ hearts and minds into believing that sinful thoughts and feelings is just a part of who they are.  And We The People are fighting back!  We are choosing where to spend out money.  Where the money flows, the power goes.   And, buying and Selling between patriots is making a huge impact. It’s already in the billinons and we are looking to make headline news that cannot be ignored. We are creating a movement that will wake up our nation to the truth. For way to long, we have been giving our money blindly to support businesses that do not align with Truth, Values, We The People and our Constitution. Consider switching items you use to Organic, Safe, Healthy and USA Made. It’s that simple, we still have a choice even though they are on a mission to take our choice away.

Stop buying products from conglomerates that invest in methods and processes that may include fungus grown laboratory meats, fetal baby parts, nanotechnology particles, growth hormones, toxic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and antibiotics. Theses huge multi-billionaire corporations would rather mass produce products for huge profit margins which are unhealthy for human consumption and combat you in court later once you or a family member are sick, rather than prevent the cause of illness.

These major conglomerates use this production approach because it makes sense for them financially to make BILLIONS of dollars, and risk paying out MILLIONS later in lawsuits! Once you are sick, THEY KNOW for the average person it is almost impossible to PROVE IT!

Lawsuits mount against Procter & Gamble over cancer-causing chemical in Old Spice, Secret sprays.
S.C. Johnson settles “Greenlist” Lawsuits. Company will drop label from Windex.
Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary Seeks Bankruptcy Protection to Handle Talc Product Claims.
Burt’s Bees Faces Class Action Suit Over ‘Natural’ Pet Shampoo Claims.
Johnson & Johnson To Pay $100 Million In Baby Powder Settlement.
Lawsuit Over Tom’s of Maine’s Use of “Natural”
Aveeno and Neutrogena Spray Sunscreens Recalled Due to Low Levels of Benzene, a Carcinogen
Johnson & Johnson Recalls Baby Powder Over Asbestos Worry
Lawsuits mount against Procter & Gamble over cancer-causing chemical in Old Spice, Secret sprays
Procter & Gamble recalls 32 dry shampoo and conditioner products over benzene concern

Customer for life! “I reluctantly decided to test the store and was shocked to find out how much I loved the products and service. On top of that, the prices are great. They have gained a lifelong customer!” Gene

Even better than I remember! “I was a shopper back in 2006 and have come back loving everything; highest quality products, integrity of the company, outstanding customer service, and now most of all, their American values that support the country I love. This was a no-brainer for me. Where else would a true Patriot shop? US” Amy

Good bye to Toxin and Chemicals “Love love love the cleaning products. My home feels clean , safe and no more inhaling chemicals.” Khim

I hate commies “I love that I can get the highest quality US made products at wholesale prices, and support American business and families. Because of this I am no longer funding the enemy!” John

No more skin issues!! “I converted all of my skin care/ make-up products, as well was my cleaning/laundry products and the rosacea and hives I’ve been dealing with for well over a decade have completely disappeared! I will never buy anywhere else. What a blessing this American factory store is!! ” Adriana

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