What to Expect

 The reports will describe the major home systems, their crucial components and their operability, especially the ones in which failure can result in dangerous or expensive-to-correct conditions.

Defects will be adequately described and the report will include recommendations. Recommendations may be for specific actions to be taken or for further evaluation, but they should address problems in such a way that the reader of the report will understand how to proceed. 

There will always be conditions which are beyond the scope of a visual inspection which is why we may recommend further professional evaluation for any area of specific concern such as foundation, radon, water damage, etc…

The Inspection report will include a summary report listing any major problems to ensure that important issues are not missed by the reader. It’s important that the reader be aware of safety issues or conditions which may be expensive to correct. 

The inspection contract will also provide an overview page so that you may reference everything that will be included in the report. Also included will be a page explaining the full scope of the inspection.

An Overview of EGF’s Home Inspection

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