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Traditional Investing

Traditional investing refers to the tangible realm of investment possibilities such as real estate, industrial mining, futures, products, services, corporate stocks, bonds which are all based and managed by tangible results. is an example of how a traditional business of physical products has merged a massive automated big tech system, and the beginning of the end of Amazon’s many small traditional competitors.

Big Tech and Bitcoin vs. Altcoin

Big Tech are all the companies which are based on information technology, non-tangible unless you download it and put it in a box. Google and Paypal are great examples of how software systems can be automated to processes large amounts of information and become billionaire companies. Bitcoin is the first ever currency which is based on informational technology, a software currenty with its strength in security from breach and is non-tangible and is money that cannot be put in your wallet, nor can it be downloaded and put into a box. Altcoins are all of the currency software companies that have spawned as a result of the success of Bicoin and each have their strengths and/or weaknesses.

The Future of Investing…

A new approach is percentage based investments which will allow all investors no matter how small the investment, the opportunity to diversify. We chose to invest primarily within low risk income based opportunities, while evaluating small percentages in situational outcomes of new and emerging technologies ( such as software, digital currency, bio, health science, etc.). We gather the most up to date information to create a visual awareness of market movement, and to identify the specific investments that have the best opportunity to surge. Income generated investments are reinvested within technology, precious metals/commodities, futures as well as leveraging alternatives to balance risk .

ADT Security

Receive a $100 Gift Card after installation from ADT Secure24 plus free Thermal Imaging Inspection
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Claim your ADT Smart Home System! Complete the form to redeem your Free Equipment, Professional Installation, and Activation! Speak to an ADT specialist to get your free quote

Receive a $100 Gift Card after installation from ADT Secure24

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee*

Get all installation and monitoring fees refunded if ADT can’t resolve your system concerns.

Theft Protection Guarantee*

If a burglary occurs while your ADT security system is armed, we’ll pay up to $500* of your insurance deductible.

145+ years and 9 monitoring centers

We’ve been helping protect homes longer than anyone else in the industry. Plus, we have more company-owned monitoring centers than any other company.

Get a Free Thermal Imaging Inspection

You also may qualify a free Thermal Imaging Inspection once your ADT system is installed. Offer valid within Indiana only(additional travel expenses may be required for residence living outside of our service area) Get started here and Speak to an ADT specialist to get your free quote, then once your installed, simply let us know. Contact: Air2Lab Division Estate Group Finance, LLC.

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