Asbestos Air Sampling

How to tell if you have Asbestos in the air you breathe.
Air2Lab Laboratory Testing: 
Collection Procedure:
  A known volume of air is drawn through a 25-mm diameter cassette
 containing a mixed-cellulose ester filter. The cassette must be
 equipped with an electrically conductive 50-mm extension cowl.
 The sampling time and rate are chosen to give a fiber density of
 between 100 to 1,300 fibers/mm(2) on the filter.  

Non-certified: Laboratory results use the same process of air sampling, get fast testing results within 48 hours, use non-certified prior to moving into a home, or before beginning a construction project (roof replacement, removal of ceiling tiles).
Certified. If you are concerned that you have been living in, or working in an environment that may have active asbestos, you will need laboratory results which are certified and admisable for legal purposes. Results can take 2-3 weeks for complete certification.

UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Occupational Safety and Health Administration 1910.1001 App B – Detailed procedure for asbestos sampling and analysis

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