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We are United States based, patriotic and Christ centered. Get the latest tid-bits of information on how to invest in a better future for you and your family. Our monthly subscription is worth its weight by saving you time from endless online searches for relevant content. The purpose of providing this content is to help you quickly find and connect to the issues that matter most to you, allowing you to invest your time in developing your personal interest. We will touch on matters from all that really matters, especially our most precious gift of sharing the message of accepting Christ as Lord, as our salvation, our shining light to guiding our path. Today we see the world changing as our requirements to survive and flourish will require an awareness of health, money management, currencies, bitcoin/altcoin, precious metals, home safety, survival cooking skills, emergency planning, time management, and understanding and profiting from environmental and technological changes. All of this in short, simple, quick reading to utilize what matters most to you as you see your personal blueprint come to life and begin ‘Working For’ Future You.

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