What Do We Do?

  • Go Green Reports: We identify and confirm existing green features in a home and report on ways to upgrade to a Go Green friendly home. We include a Home Energy & Efficiency Audit which will identify excess energy usage and report on ways to reduce energy usage naturally.
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  • Air Quality Testing: We test for airborne particles, allergens, dust mites, dander, pollen, smoke, bacteria, formaldehyde, meth, asbestos, mold, radon, propane, methane, natural gas, carbon monoxide and provide a report on ways to provide natural fresh clean breathing air.

  • Water Quality Testing: We test drinking water for contaminants such as bacteria (E.coli, coliform and non-coliform, salmonella, micro), protozoa, fungi, algae, amoebas, slime molds, chlorine, fertilizer/growth chemicals, pesticides, mercury, hardness, Ph, fluoride, copper, lead, iron, nitrates, nitrites, hydrogen sulfide, aluminum.

Imaging & Photography Services

  • We provide Thermal Imaging Services, and ways to control Indoor Air Temperature and provide Comfort to your Living Spaces.
  • We provide Drone Imaging and Aerial Photography Services.
  • We provide Property Insurance Claims Photography Services.
  • We provide Before and After Photography Services.
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Cleaning Services

  • We provide Driveway Cleaning (grease, oil, algae & dirt removal)
  • We provide Home/Office Exterior Cleaning (algae & dirt removal)
  • We even provide Carpet Cleaning (allergens, pet dander, fur, hair, dirt) Allergen and mold testing of carpet available upon request.
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We do homebuyer financing & deferred payments!

Ask about 6-month 0% interest deferred payments to qualifying home-buyers, and 8% to 12% APR plans beyond 6 months.

We do a lot!

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