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EGF-Safe Health & Safety Home Inspections start at 379.00 USD for all INDIANA Residents up to 1200 sq/ft. Additional testing services such as radon and mold are not included in the base price.

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Ask about 6-month 0% interest deferred payments to qualifying home-buyers, and 8% to 12% APR plans beyond 6 months.

833-EGF-SAFE or (833) 343-7233

Our signature Health and Safety home inspection report will notify you of anything we recognize that pertains to your investment, especially the health & safety of your family.

We also include a free Thermal Imaging Home Energy Report. This is a complete written Energy Efficiency Audit with Images that will show you how temperature changes and moisture react in the home. The completed report comes with a detailed plan to improve the interior living quality and may save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Find out what your Home Energy Score is today.

Our individual testing and services:

  • Health & Safety,
  • Structural Integrity,
  • Go Green,
  • Thermal Imaging,
  • Drone Imaging,
  • Property Insurance / Claims Photography,
  • Home Energy & Efficiency,
  • HVAC,
  • Plumbing,
  • Electrical,
  • Foundation & Structure,
  • Water Quality,
  • Lead Paint,
  • Septic System,
  • Radon Detection,
  • Mold Testing,
  • Water Damage,
  • Asbestos,
  • Formaldahyde,
  • Wind Mitigation

What to Expect during your EGF-Safe Home Inspection